To Wardrobe or not to Wardrobe



“Using bespoke wardrobes around a door is a clever use of space. As is building wardrobes either side a bed in a small room. You can then build in recesses to house books or a morning cup of tea, so you don’t need side tables.”

As interior designers, we are often asked about wardrobes in bedrooms. Should you invest in bespoke built-in wardrobes or hang on to that family heirloom?! The Edit asked Studio Cameron ‘To wardrobe or not to wardrobe?!’

“A built-in wardrobe can maximise your space and remove wasted space,” says Toddy. “They can really make the most of awkward corners such as sloped ceilings, making the room feel bigger. The outside can add huge character to a room, with paint techniques, fabric or cane doors all popular options at the moment and you can also fully customise the internal layout.


Obviously, this all comes with a higher price tag but built-in storage generally increases the value of a property, and using an interior designer can help make sure you get the design right the first round, maximising the space.

On the other side of the wardrobe debate, Toddy adds, “Freestanding wardrobes are widely available and can be moved around easily allowing a good room reshuffle, but we would always encourage clients to go for an antique option, if possible, to add character to the room.”

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