For more than ten years, Toddy Fleming has been an interior designer, having worked on some of the most prestigious historic houses in the UK. In 2023, she teamed up with marketing entrepreneur Georgie Cameron, a self-taught interior designer currently studying at KLC in London. Georgie has a passion for interior and furniture design.

Together, they bring over 35 years of combined experience in interior design, large scale project management and marketing. Their collaborative approach results in vibrant and imaginative interiors.

United by our love for the art of decorating and a relentless attention to detail, we believe that good interior design is much bigger than aesthetics; it embodies the essence of comfort.

Collaborating closely with our clients, we interpret your vision, preferences, and lifestyle, curating spaces that resonate with your unique identity. Our approach merges traditional design principles with contemporary sensibilities, resulting in timeless creations that are both classic and distinctively modern.

How we work

We offer a flexible service to meet your specific needs. In simple terms, we offer three packages – a full interior design service, room by room design, and colour consultancy. However, we believe every project is different and requires a flexible, tailored approach, whether it be residential or commercial.

We work closely with architects and contractors from the very start of a project and believe this is crucial to avoiding increased costs when trying to rectify issues further into the project. Early consideration of kitchen and bathroom layouts, lighting and electrical arrangements, furnishings, artwork and window treatments is our gold standard in achieving the final look and feel of a project, and ultimately offering the comfort required.

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